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How Can An Assisted Living Abuse Attorney Help Me?

Dedicated to dignity and justice for victims

If you suspect a loved one was abused or neglected in an assisted living facility, you may be left confused and overwhelmed, especially if you were involved in the decision to place your loved one there in the first place. You may not know where you can turn for help. The facility may not be forthcoming about what happened, and you may feel as though you have no recourse.

These are the situations where an experienced assisted living abuse and neglect lawyer can make a meaningful difference. In the Atlanta area and throughout Georgia, victims and their families trust The Law Office of George S. Johnson to pursue justice and hold negligent assisted living facilities accountable.

Our law firm will help you understand what happened - and move forward

Many different entities can be involved in an assisted living abuse case. The assisted living facility itself will be looking to protect its own interest. There may be third parties, such as contractors, involved. Depending on the circumstances, the police may investigate the incident, as might state agencies such as the Office of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman.

However, none of those entities are dedicated solely to advocating for victims and their families. When you retain attorney George S. Johnson, he will become your advocate. George and his legal team will fight for you by:

  • Investigating the incident: We understand that in this difficult time, you need answers. As your attorney, George Johnson will review documents, interview witnesses, and pursue every lead to find the truth about what happened. That investigation will form the basis of your legal case against the assisted living facility.
  • Finding out who was responsible: In most cases, the assisted living facility itself is responsible for cases of abuse or neglect. In some cases, a third party, such as an outside company responsible for securing or maintaining the premises, also shares the blame. Our mission is to find the responsible parties and hold them accountable.
  • Preventing further abuse: We'll help you come up with a plan to keep your loved one safe going forward, which may involve moving him or her to a different facility. Moreover, by taking strong legal action against negligent facilities, we help to ensure that other families do not need to suffer as yours has.
  • Taking legal action. In many cases, we're able to negotiate a fair settlement with the assisted living facility. But if they won't make a fair offer, we're ready to take them to trial. The financial compensation we recover can pay for the medical care, treatment and other services your loved one may need as a result of being abused or neglected and provide some compensation for pain and suffering, emotional distress and other losses he or she has sustained. It also sends a strong message to negligent care providers that their conduct is not acceptable, not here in Georgia.

You don't have to face the aftermath of assisted living negligence alone. Contact us today. With The Law Office of George S. Johnson on your side, you will have your own advocate as you and your family seek to rebuild your lives.

The sooner you involve an attorney, the easier it will be to reach a positive resolution in your case. Schedule your free, confidential consultation with George S. Johnson today. Call (866) 904-6653.

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