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Were You Injured In A Pedestrian Accident?

An experienced lawyer can help you get back up

Some of the most severe personal injury cases we've seen involved cars hitting pedestrians. When a vehicle strikes a person's unprotected body, the injuries sustained are often catastrophic and sometimes fatal. Victims and their families are left to face an uncertain future, physically, emotionally and financially.

A capable and compassionate pedestrian accident attorney can make all of the difference during those tough times. That's why you need to reach out to Johnson Greer Law Group.

We can help with pedestrian accident cases, which are legally challenging

After being injured in a pedestrian accident, you may be facing a difficult road forward. That's because you'll almost certainly be dealing with the insurance company representing the driver who hurt you. They're not on your side. Their priority is to protect their client and reduce their own liability, even if that means paying you less than you need - or trying to blame you for the accident.

And many cases involving injured pedestrians can be legally complex for other reasons as well. There may have been multiple motorists involved. Other entities, such as an establishment that served alcohol to a drunk driver, could be held liable. Moreover, if your injuries are complex, the insurance company may dispute damages, trying to downplay the extent of the injuries or the long-term cost of the accident.

As soon as you contact our firm and retain us to handle your case, we'll go to work to get you full and fair compensation. Our team will thoroughly research your accident, find evidence and hold the responsible party accountable. We'll fight for a settlement or verdict that pays for the full cost of your injuries, and we'll bring our resources to bear to help make you whole again.

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