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Nursing Home Neglect and COVID-19

An attorney who fights for the victims of coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a terrible toll on nursing homes and assisted living facilities, where residents are especially vulnerable. Many residents have suffered, and some have lost their lives, after becoming infected with the virus. Sadly, in some cases, their illness may have been a direct result of nursing home or assisted living facility neglect.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities that failed to take necessary precautions may have put the lives of their residents needlessly at risk. If you lost a loved one to coronavirus at one of these facilities – or if your loved one was infected and became seriously ill – Johnson Greer Law Group may be able to help you get justice.

These facilities have a responsibility to protect the health and safety of residents. Never has that been more important than during the COVID-19 outbreak. There is always a danger of infection at these facilities, so infection control is something that should always be taken seriously. Our attorney know that despite this, some facilities can still be negligent.

In addition to practicing standard infection control procedures, nursing homes and assisted living facilities should take on extra precautions to protect residents from coronavirus infection. These may include:

  • Designing a plan to protect residents from infection
  • Informing residents and their families about that plan
  • Training staff members on implementing the plan
  • Ensuring the facility had adequate resources, personnel and equipment to protect residents
  • Following steps to assess and improve their preparedness for responding to COVID-19
  • Communicating with local and state health departments and the CDC to stay up to date on information, guidelines and resources

Our attorneys have a strong record of fighting for victims of abuse and neglect in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. We have helped families get answers – and justice. We are ready to help you find out what happened to your loved one.

Our firm knows how to investigate cases of nursing home and assisted living facility neglect to get the facts. We can get access to facility records to determine what steps were followed to protect residents from coronavirus. We can identify and interview witnesses and consult medical experts who can help us understand if proper procedures were followed and if the standard of care was met.

We can determine if procedures were established and enforced for:

  • The use of personal protective equipment and hand sanitizers by staff members
  • Ensuring that staff members were not infected with the virus
  • Protecting residents by placing restrictions on visitors

In addition, our firm can investigate whether your loved one received the proper care and treatment after becoming infected with the virus.

The coronavirus pandemic has created a lot of pain and suffering for many families who have loved ones in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. When loved ones needlessly became ill – or lose their lives – as result of facilities failing to meet their responsibilities, we believe these facilities should be held accountable.

We understand that you may not even be sure if you have a case. All you have right now is a feeling that something isn’t right, as well as a lot of questions. One of our attorneys can work with you to get answers. It’s important to get legal advice as soon as possible. Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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