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What people say about us matters to us. That's why we're proud of our testimonials and our case results. Our firm is dedicated to helping people. That's what motivates us every day we meet with someone in his office or goes to court on a client's behalf. If you or a loved one sustained an injury due to someone's recklessness or the negligence of a nursing home or assisted living facility, contact us. We want to find out what happened and help you get justice. Call (866) 904-6653 and schedule your free case evaluation today. We serve all of Georgia.


"We called other attorneys who wouldn't talk without an up-front fee. We were concerned about cost and were not sure if we even had a case. We were going on instinct-and when we met George we knew we had the right person. Now, George is our go-to guy for anything legal. We wouldn't go to anybody else. We got mom out of a bad situation and got enough money to get her into facility where she got much better care. We felt glad that the old facility got punished so maybe other families won't have to suffer the same pain."

- Arethia H.


"George is very thorough- explained what would happen and kept in touch. He's honest, caring. I trust George with anything. We felt great, because George made the legal system work for us, the person who tried to cheat us had to pay for it."

- Karen Y.


"He seemed to know what I was living through, and what questions to ask. He was very up front about the difficulty of winning these cases. His strength helped us go the distance to win our case. He was able to tell us what the law would allow, and he was also very experienced with Medicare and the bills we would face."

- P.K.


"I would have to say, looking back that it was actually a very good experience. Nothing can bring mom back; that is very hard. But having George help us understand the injury and making the nursing home company that hurt her pay for it, that at least made a bad situation more bearable. From that standpoint, we are grateful to George and all he did for mom and for us."

- Yvonne B.

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