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Can we trust that our loved ones will be safe in nursing homes, assisted living facilities?

Atlanta nursing home abuse and neglect attorneyWhen we hear about the horror stories of abuse and neglect in nursing homes and assisted living centers, it leaves an underlying uncertainty within us all. It makes us question if we can trust that these facilities will care for and protect our loved ones.

Sadly, many facilities employ dangerous and abusive staff members who end up hurting residents, and this risk of abuse to residents can be mitigated simply by properly screening employees.

Abuse, neglect leads to the death of an assisted living resident

A Powder Spring man was sentenced to 10 years in prison for elder neglect that led to the death of a 91-year-old man, according to

The victim was a resident of Sunrise Assisted Living Center, where he died in 2017. Prior to his death, the victim was found in his room with a bruised lip. He told a day-shift caregiver that he was punched and motioned to his face, chest, and groin. It wasn't too long after that when the victim became unresponsive. Staff members then called for an ambulance.

After being rushed to a nearby hospital, the victim was found to have facial bruising, multiple rib fractures, and a collapsed lung. After a few days of being unresponsive in the hospital, he was pronounced dead.

The accused perpetrator claimed that he never struck the victim and was unaware of any injuries. Moreover, the accused said that he caught the victim as he fell out of his bed and that the victim had banged his chest on the bed. He then stated that he checked on the victim regularly throughout the night, and despite frequent complaints of pain, he ignored those complaints.

Cobb's Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Christopher Gulledge, however, found that the victim's death was the result of blunt force trauma and assault. In addition, two other staff members from the facility testified that other residents had complained about the perpetrator. It was also discovered that the perpetrator had previously been fired from other caregiving jobs due to neglect.

Why you need a lawyer if your loved one has experienced abuse

There is no denying what happened in this case. The victim sustained injuries that go beyond just falling out of bed and are common in many incidents of abuse. Sometimes, it's too late to recognize the signs that a resident was physically abused. The blame, in this case, can be placed on the facility for hiring an individual who was previously terminated from his position as a caregiver. In addition, the complaints from other residents should have been an early warning sign.

If your loved one was injured in a nursing home or assisted living facility due to abuse, we urge you to report the incident to law enforcement immediately. Then consult with an experienced and compassionate attorney at the Law Office of George S. Johnson, LLC, based in Atlanta.

Far too often we see residents hurt in incidents of abuse. That's why we're dedicated to helping victims and their families pursue the justice they deserve. Let our legal team do the work for you. Contact us online and schedule your free case evaluation today.

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