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Negligent Security in Apartment Buildings

Ignorance of Security Issues Goes Hand In Hand With Crime

Atlanta attorneyThousands of people throughout the Atlanta metro area live in apartment buildings or complexes. They expect safe, reliable living, and the property owner is expected to manage up to standards to provide this. However, sometimes this expectation is not met. Faulty locks, a lack of properly lit parking lots and paths, and undertrained security personnel are all contributing factors for crimes enabled by negligent security.

Common crimes include assault, robbery, home invasion and vandalism. Some cases of assault can be so brutal that they result in a fatality. In complexes that have a history of violent crime and tenants who have not gone through a background check, those crimes can become a recurring issue. This puts residents at risk of injury and property damage when they should be able to sleep soundly knowing that the owner of their property has their safety in mind, not waking up to the nightmare of a crime.

A common issue statewide

Negligent security is a prevalent problem in the Atlanta metro area and throughout Georgia. The landlord or property owner has a responsibility to provide secure living. They are responsible for keeping the premises in good repair, and this includes things like lights and locks. Broken locks can easily lead to a break-in, which can then result in assault, robbery and even death.

Another security feature of many complexes and condominiums is security cameras. Recorded footage of the premises is an incredibly valuable tool when it comes to keeping residents safe and resolving security issues on the grounds. Our firm handled one tragic case in which a functioning security camera could have helped the victim of an assault caused by negligent security, but due to the owner’s negligence, our client’s daughter was killed.

It takes effort and time for a victim of assault, robbery or another crime to recover from the incident. Medical and counseling bills, the cost of recovering lost property, and the emotional trauma that result from having the safety of one’s home compromised by crime are just a few of the costs due to negligence that a landlord or property owner needs to be held accountable for. And in too many of these cases, a resident pays the ultimate price for the landlord’s or property manager’s neglect.

If you or someone you know has fallen victim to a crime that could have been prevented with proper security measures, legal counsel is necessary in order to get the compensation the victim deserves. Don’t suffer any longer. Contact us for a free case evaluation today.

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