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Strong Economy, High Staff Turnover, and Quality of Nursing Home Care: Georgia Attorney Discusses

Atlanta nursing home abuse attorneyEveryone can benefit from a strong economy. Well, almost everyone. For most, it’s good for consumers and businesses alike. But what does this mean for your loved one living in a Georgia nursing home? CBS News cites a recent study that unveiled the negative consequences a strong economy has on nursing homes.  

Nursing home staff jobs already have a significantly high turnover rate in comparison to most occupations. The job itself is difficult and requires someone who is not only compassionate, but can handle assisting with bathroom needs, lifting and transporting residents, and meeting residents’ needs without becoming angry.  

The connection between low unemployment and poor quality of care

Unfortunately, when presented with other job opportunities, someone who is fit for the job may leave for something more desirable.  

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, nursing aides earned an average of $27,510 per year or $13.23 per hour during 2017. While retail workers only earned an average of $23,370, they had a greater chance for advancement. 

Any opportunity to earn higher wages in a nursing home is constrained by a lack of funds and reliance on Medicare and Medicaid payments. Additionally, nursing home workers are 3.4 times more likely than the average worker to suffer an injury on the job. 

There are two primary reasons a strong economy can result in low quality of care in Atlanta nursing homes:  

  • Nursing homes can become understaffed: We previously discussed how understaffing can result in more abuse or neglect of residents. This can lead to a high-stress work environment. Staff members who may have previously been able to handle their job functions may lash out at or ignore residents.  
  • Nursing homes may hire inexperienced and unqualified staff: In desperation, nursing homes may hire anyone they can find to fill a job. In some cases, these staff members are inexperienced and make mistakes when caring for residents. Others have questionable work histories and are not fit for the job. This sometimes leads to cases of elder abuse. 

Nursing homes are still responsible for the care of their residents

In order to improve the quality of employment for nursing home staff, state and federal lawmakers need to step in and offer more public funds. In the meantime, it is up to nursing home management to ensure the safety of residents. Neglect and abuse can result in serious illnesses, physical and emotional trauma, and even death. 

If you notice any signs that your loved one is suffering abuse or neglect in a nursing home, don’t hesitate to take action. Treatment for illnesses, injuries, mental and emotional suffering, as well as life-saving procedures can be costly. You shouldn’t have to pay out of your own pocket because of someone else’s negligent or malicious behavior.  

You need an experienced and compassionate attorney on your side who can help you and your family during these hard times. Contact the Law Office of George S. Johnson, LLC today to discuss your matter. 

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