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Can I Sue a Hotel for Negligent Security?

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Negligent security cases are complex, but a lawyer can help

You should feel safe when staying at a hotel, whether it’s for a work trip, vacation, or visiting friends or relatives. But every year, people are the victims of violent attacks in Decatur, Atlanta, and throughout Georgia due to negligent security.

Hotels and motels have a responsibility to take reasonable steps to help keep guests and other visitors safe. These steps involve:


Dark and isolated locations can be an invitation to people with bad intentions. All stairwells, parking lots and garages, hallways, alleys, and other isolated areas should be well-lit.

Access control

This system helps ensure that only guests have access to certain areas of the hotel, often through the use of key cards or other technology. This includes rooms, elevators, conference rooms, gyms, and pools.

Controlled entrances

There should be very few entrances, and those should be secure and monitored.

Security monitoring

There should be surveillance cameras set up at certain areas, such as the front desk, entrances and exits, hallways, and common areas.

Trained staff

The hotel should have clear security procedures. Staff members need to be trained on these procedures and should know what to do in specific situations.


All security equipment should be inspected regularly, and any needed repairs should be made promptly.


Security procedures should be regularly reviewed, with input from law enforcement and emergency response professionals.

What to do if you're the victim of hotel negligence

When hotels fail to take these steps, it increases your chances of falling victim to a violent crime such as a shooting, stabbing, physical assault, or armed robbery. If you were attacked at a hotel or motel, you should:

  • Call the police and report the crime.
  • Get medical attention to treat any injuries you have.
  • Notify the front desk of the attack.
  • If you are still at the hotel and are able to do so, take pictures of the scene – such as broken doors or windows, stairwells, etc.
  • Write down an account of what happened while your memory of it is still fresh, including all the details you can remember.
  • Call a lawyer to see if you have a negligent security case.

Talk to an attorney about filing a negligent security lawsuit

A violent attack at a hotel can impact your life in many ways. You may be injured and in need of emergency medical treatment. You may be left with a permanent disability or disfigurement. You may have suffered emotional and psychological trauma and need therapy. Expenses can add up quickly, leading to financial stress. But you do have recourse through the civil justice system—and an attorney can help make you whole again.

If you or a loved one were harmed in an attack at a hotel in Metro Atlanta due to negligent security, you may be able to take legal action to recover financial compensation for your damages. At the Law Office of George S. Johnson, LLC, we can help you navigate this difficult situation and fight for the outcome your case deserves.

Attorney George S. Johnson can meet with you and listen to what happened. He can then go over your legal options and give you an idea of what to expect if you decide to move forward with a lawsuit.

To find out how we can help with your potential negligent security case, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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