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Audit: More Than 25% of Nursing Home Abuse Cases Go Unreported

An audit sheds light on an alarming statistic. Over 25 percent of possible sexual and physical abuse cases involving nursing home residents were never reported to law enforcement.  Conducted by the Health and Human Services inspector general’s office, the audit also reveals that Medicare has failed to enforce a federal law that calls for prompt notification by...

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Report Warns Against Breast Cancer Surgery On Nursing Home Residents

A recent report found that breast cancer treatment may hasten death for nursing home residents. Those who live at least a year after treatment often experience a significant downturn in their quality of life.  The report, published in the journal JAMA Surgery in August, raises questions about the value of screening women in nursing homes for breast cancer. Surgery is a common way to treat...

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Data reveals most nursing homes don’t have adequate staffing

Residents in nursing homes require a high level of care. Unfortunately, many of them don’t get the attention they need due to understaffing, according to new federal data. A PBS report puts a spotlight on this problem. Staffing fluctuates daily and there are significant shortfalls on the weekends in most nursing homes. On some days,...

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Nursing home employees arrested after Snapchat video shows them ignoring patient

Three nursing home employees were arrested after a Snapchat video showed them "vaping" over a dying resident. According to a Newsweek article, the assisted living employees appeared in a video where they used profanities and were seen smoking from a vape pen. In the background was a 76-year-old woman who was dying after suffering a...

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Georgia Lawmakers Investigate Following a Scabies Outbreak in a Nursing Home

A scabies outbreak in a nursing home has prompted action by Georgia lawmakers who are looking for ways to curtail future infestations. The death of Rebecca Zeni, 93, due to a scabies infection made national headlines and raised questions about how to prevent such tragedies from happening again. The Georgia Department of Public Health released...

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Report Shines Light on Problems With Reporting Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

If you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect, it’s critical to take action as soon as possible. The state of Georgia created a state complaint hotline that allows anyone to call and report a problem. But astonishingly, the hotline does not always work, according to a recent news report by Fox 5 Atlanta. Lisa Overholt,...

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Report Finds Assisted Living Homes Overmedicate Residents, Putting Them at Risk

Most people living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities have Alzheimer’s disease or some form of dementia, and the facilities are dosing them with unnecessary medication, placing their lives at risk. That’s according to a report by Human Rights Watch titled “They Want Docile:" How Nursing Homes in the United States Overmedicate People with...

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