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Monitoring Nursing Home Residents

Nursing home residents ages 65 and older are especially at risk of contracting a life-threatening infection, experiencing severe side effects of medication, becoming dehydrated or choking. That’s why it is important that senior citizens receive an adequate amount of care and monitoring by nursing home staff. For the most part, nursing home residents are unable...

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Injuries Sustained in Nursing Home Falls

The High Risk of Falls in Nursing Homes Among the aged population, nursing home falls are an unfortunately common affliction – affecting 50 to 70 percent of nursing home residents per year. Nursing home residents age 65 and older may already suffer from health complication affecting their balance. That’s why, when it comes to ensuring...

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Pressure Sores in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

The dangers of nursing home neglect We place trust in nursing homes to care for our elders. But unfortunately, nursing home neglect is far too common, resulting in numerous health complications and deaths in Georgia and nationwide. It only takes a little carelessness or lack of experience to put our elders at risk. When a...

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